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The botanical trend continues

There's no need to get rid of that Monstera just yet. The Botanical trend is still going strong when it comes to your home. Even better: the more green the more fun! Don't be afraid to overdo it. But, please ditch the pineapples.

The most obvious way to add some greens to your interior is of course: plants! Try to look beyond the most trendy ones at the moment (cactus, palm or monstera) and combine different leaves and sizes. Put them in some nice (vintage) pots you buy at the flea market and group them together on a table. For some serious plant-envy check out the Instagram accounts of Geo-Fleur and Wildernis, or visit their store if you're in the neighbourhood.

Journal 001 1
Group plants of different sizes together (source: Pinterest)

Vintage items, just like plants, are also a keeper. Style your home with some flower pots you found at your grandma's, the flea market or at the side of the road. Combine these with an old rattan chair or coffee table for the ultimate retro feel. Can't be bothered to collect some pottery? They make new ones that look old as well, and handmade ceramics are a thing too! 

Journal 001 2
Plant pots with a vintage look
  1. Green ceramic plant pot, Bloomingville
  2. Small drip cups, Studio Arhoj
  3. Grey glazed plant pot, Madam Stoltz
  4. Vintage look vase, Bloomingville
  5. Faded green ceramic vase, HK Living
  6. Rustic large pot, Serax
  7. It doesn't get more retro than this, Ora Kiely
Journal 001 3
Green wall inspiration (source: Pinterest and

Not afraid of colour and want to take things a little further? Paint one of your walls a dark moss green colour or choose a wallpaper with a green, botanical print. A bold piece of furniture in a striking colour makes a statement. Go for a velvet sofa and joint the latest interior trend. 

A simpler option is to find some old fashioned botanical prints and put them up in different sized frames. This looks best against a green wall though.

More inspiration? The Style Paper is also on Pinterest:check out my interior inspiration board 'Greens'.


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