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And now all to IKEA!

Update: now available! - (Dutch) Design lover, animal lover or yoga master? This April, IKEA launches new collections for all of you. Starting next week, check out your local store or their website to shop some new spring furniture.

Dutch Design

IKEA starts its second collaboration with well known Dutch Designer Piet Hein Eek. The INDUSTRIELL collection is based on traditional craftsmanship and made mainly out of wood, glass, ceramics and textile. The materials are treated in a manner that makes them look handmade and authentic in contrast to the usually mass produced sleek furniture. (Even though they are produced on the same large scale.)

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The environment is being considered though, by reducing the amount of waste to a minimum while producing the furniture. Irregularities are not cut out as usual but are maintained to give each product a unique look. The natural materials and simple, robust shapes combine well together. We especially love the old fashioned looking woven tea towels with their imperfect, hand drawn designs. 

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The tea towel designs close up

A preview of the complete collection and an interview with designer Piet Hein Eek can be found on their website.

You can shop the collection on IKEA's site.

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If you're not into these rough shapes but do love natural materials, IKEA also launches another collection in Aril. This time to create more serenity and balance in your home (and mind). They even thought of yoga mats and accessories! The series called HJÄRTELIG is said to be made of sustainable materials such as cork, seagrass and rattan and their textiles are either recycled or produced more efficiently with less waste and water. The practical items like benches, chairs and plant pots can be used both indoors and outdoors, fading the border between home and garden. Soft earthy tones combined with wood create a calm environment. 

This collection is a one off only and will be temporarily available. See the whole series here

Furry friends
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Perhaps IKEA's design team was inspired by the many hacks on the internet in which IKEA classics are transformed into entire cat-castles and dog toys, as they will launch their first pet home collection! Problems with your dog sitting in your favourite IKEA chair? Get him his own. And for cats, there is a square basket fitting neatly into the well known rectangular open cabinet. We mainly hope the scratching pole is multi purpose and fits around other furniture as well. The pet furniture and accessories seem fairly basic and only come in a few colours. The photoshoot however is fantastic! We hope the collection will be continued and expanded in time.

Shop IKEA's pet collection on their Dutch website.

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