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5 museum worthy design chairs

The nice thing about chairs is that they do not take up too much space, you can buy one piece (which is usually cheaper than a sofa) and if you choose well, you have a striking design object in your home that doubles as a piece of furniture. Here are 5 prime examples which are easily mistaken for modern art.

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1. La Redonda // Bodegón Cabinet

1. La Redonda is a brick red, powder coated steel object by Barcelona based architecture and design studio Bodegón Cabinet. Based on a geometric circle, the shape is folded to create a three dimensional chair. Seen from a distance, the circular shape remains. This clean and minimal item can also be used as a side table or simply as an eye catching piece of abstract art.

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2. Cubic Armchair II // Crosby Studio

2. Crosby Studio from New York and Moscow does not only create interiors but also individual furniture pieces as well as art objects. Or furniture that doubles as art with an architectural touch. Seen from the side or back, the shiny square surface is reminiscent of Anish Kapoor. This Cubic Armchair II is a functional sculpture that provides a private little corner in your room. 

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3. Keystone // OS & OOS

3. Over several years, Dutch designers OS & OOS have a produced an impressive collection of minimalistic abstract furniture. One of the first objects they created is the still current Keystone chair. A study of geometrical shapes stacked together without physical connections. Originally made of concrete, it’s shear weight holds the whole together. Now also available through Please Wait to be Seated, in colourful Kvadrat fabric combinations.

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4. PARA(D) // Nova Obiecta

4. Nova Obiecta, a Paris based art and design studio creates fun and conceptual furniture in primary colours. PARA(D) is a sculptural (pool) chair made out of a steel tubing and a washable fabric seat. Available in a few bright colour combinations, this fun chair is a true eye catcher both in and outdoors. 

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5. Roly-Poly Chair // Faye Toogood

5. The Roly-Poly Chair by Faye Toogood, a London based designer, looks a little like an eggcup. The round cream coloured shape with chunky legs is made from strong and durable fibreglass. The dining chair variant is available in white, charcoal and raw fibreglass as well, to make a neutral coloured mixture of cloud like furniture.

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