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Looking for that perfect gift? Check The Style Paper’s Holiday Gift Guide. Stylish and affordable gifts for that special person.

The holidays are a time of gift giving. Of course you want to spoil your loved ones with a unique and thoughtful present they will cherish. The Style Paper offers some suggestions: sleek Scandinavian style presents for the design lover, unique botanical finds for that greenery freak and some quirky items for the creative one.

7 Gift ideas for the design lover
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  1. Brights candle holders by FEST Amsterdam, EUR 13. The thin porcelain creates a beautiful light effect. The designs of the new collections are the result of a collaboration with Dutch textile and product designer Mae Engelgeer. Her preference for graphic shapes and feel for colour combinations shape this stylish collection. There are matching pillowcases from the same series.
  2. Trumpet decorative object in oak wood, EUR 43,50. These wooden figures are entirely made by hand in an old saw mill in The Netherlands. These interesting objects are a nice decorative piece and could be used in a children's room as well. Also available in walnut, maple and pear.
  3. Muuto Restore felt basket, EUR 79. A Scandi design classic. This sturdy felt basket can be used for a variety of purposes and looks cool in every room. Use it to store your magazines, towels or even firewood. Available in 9 fashionable colours.
  4. HAY Colour Vase XL in Green, EUR 85. Also available in smaller sizes, from EUR 45 and in blue or transparent glass. Vases are always useful and this one looks nice with or without flowers inside.
  5. Brass Ornaments, EUR 10/piece. Dutch designer Noortje de Keijzer makes these decorative ornaments from brass plates. The handmade items are a modern touch to your Christmas tree but could also serve as coasters. The packaging is equally lovely, made out of hand printed paper and includes a silk thread to hang the ornament.
  6. Siebensachen Mozart music box, EUR 59,50. This wooden orb produces a classical Mozart melody. The musical boxes are made by hand in a traditional German factory. A special gift for adults as well as children.
  7. Tea towel by Mara Skujeniece X Textielmuseum, EUR 18. These tea towels come from the fabric collection 'Farm Fabrics, designed by Mara. The weaving is inspired by old wooden barns in Letland. The rhythm and structure of the beams make a strong graphic pattern.
Botanical gift guide
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  1. Botanical room/body mist, EUR 24,95. E:mist is an all natural room spray. Each scent has another aromatherapy effect. The natural ingredients also make the mist suitable as a bodyspray. The essential oils are good for the sensitive and oily skin.
  2. Spruitje Botanical poster, EUR 30. Good looking poster with vintage look and botanical print. Something different because of the added geometrical shape. 
  3. Plant sprayer, EUR 29. A true classic by the British firm HAWS. Take good care of your air plants with this water mist sprayer. Your other house plants will love a fresh spray every now and then too. A must have for that plant lover.
  4. Studio Job by Textielmuseum tea towel "Insects" EUR 18. Dutch Design studio Job has created some unique weaving designs for textiles, for your kitchen and dining room. They are fabricated by the Textile Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands. These insect themed towels will definitely be a conversation piece.
  5. Small greenhouse by Design House Stockholm, EUR 31. This small glass greenhouse can be used to cultivate cuttings, grow herbs in your kitchen or to create a tiny terrarium. The greenhouses are available in several sizes and look nice grouped together.
  6. 100% natural burlap basket, EUR 64. This large basket (39x39cm) has many purposes: use it as a flower pot, storage, bin, bathroom accessory, etc. YUYU Amsterdam makes these in various colours, all from natural and sustainable materials.
  7. Nelis flower pot, EUR 19,95. Amsterdam based plant paradise Wildernis has designed a collection of flower pots. Made in Holland, with typical Dutch names. This yellow pot with retro vibe brightens up every room.
Presents for the creative
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  1. HAY Kaleido Metal tray, EUR 25. A true HAY classic, these sleek but colourful trays. Take one or combine several shapes, they are always useful. Use it to place those keys, hair ties, pens and other small items that are always lying around. You never have to search for them again.
  2. Monograph clips, EUR 15,95. These metal clips are always useful and look better than paperclips. Decorate your work station with postcards and notes that you secure with these clips, a stylish industrial decoration.
  3. Lot 61 Coffee, from EUR 5. Coffee lover? You simply must try the coffee of Lot 61. They roast their own beans in Amsterdam and now you can order them online to be delivered at your doorstep. Fan? You can even buy a monthly subscription.
  4. Enamel mug, EUR 3,95. Drinking your coffee from a fancy mug makes it even better. Enamel cups are lightweight and sturdy, for that pick-nick or hiking trip. Do not hesitate to use them indoors, sitting on the couch, as they are totally fashionable again.
  5. I-did shopper, EUR 25. A large shopper made of recycled and felted clothing. By buying one you support the makers who learn new skills and are given a chance of a new occupation. The bags are also available in black, green (from military gear), white (nurses' clothing) and blue (KLM airways staff outfits).
  6. Stork scissors, EUR 19. Quirky scissors from &Other Stories, shaped like a stork. With a wink to art nouveau, this item makes a party out of every sewing job.
  7. KAWECO sport classic pen, EUR 18. A small lightweight pen with a classic look. Despite being made this way for years, the minimal design still looks modern and this plastic version in contemporary colours even more so. The special mechanics are quiet and ensure supple writing.
  8. Fairtrade vase Suai in deepblue, EUR 69. This cool earthenware vase is made by hand in Thailand, by local potters. Made under the fair trade label, so a responsible gift. Even without flowers this striking shape is a nice decorative object.

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