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We visited several Dutch Design Week exhibitions and returned with lots of inspiration.

During the annual Dutch Design Week, the whole city of Eindhoven breathes design: Dutch Design. Both upcoming and well known Dutch designers showcase their latest work. Larger organisations present their latest product innovations and there are classes and workshops that visitors can attend. A design lover's dream.

Dutch Design Week is the biggest design event of Northern Europe. Besides established brands, there is a lot of room for new talent. Design academies from all over the country show their students' works in graduation expositions. What's more, the new designers are all there to tell you about their project. Seeing all these new ideas is both overwhelming and inspiring.

The Style Paper went to visit various locations and expos. Unfortunately, one day is nowhere near enough to see all that's on offer. Therefore we have focused on new talent and innovative designs. 

Here are a few of our favourites:

new talent

Eindhoven Design Academy focused on the fundamentals of research and synthesis within the final results: the result of thought (mind), making it your own (mine) and digging up (mined). 

One of the designs that stood out were the Paperthin stools by Lauren Leerdam of ll'atelier. The simple aluminium shapes are reminiscent of food cans. The way the thin metal is bent and creased gives the object its stability and strength. Painted in different colours, the stools look playful and suitable for both an office environment as well as an indoor or outdoor design object for your home.

Journal 005 1
Paperthin stools by ll'atelier

Another interesting project are the ReCast tables designed by Igor Daemen. He recycles old furniture by taking them apart, reworking the materials and assembling them again. New connections between the table's legs and top are made with recycled material as well. Cast aluminum moulds into the wood creating unique shapes. The materials together form a nice contrast resulting in a modern piece of furniture that can last for years.

Journal 005 2
Upcycled tables ReCast by Igor Daemen

The HARDCORE exhibition is a platform for young designeres and revolved around elemental materialities, materials that create a world which is more lasting. Exploring ancient materiality combined with new technical possibilities emerging as objects.

Here, we found our favourite of the day: the Gravel Table by Tijs Gilde. It is the result of multiple material experiments, resulting in a rough but practical surface that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With its minimal shape and unusual material, the Gravel Table is an original design object for any interior.

Journal 005 4
The Gravel Table by Tijs Gilde

ArtEZ Academy selected several projects from their Product Design graduates. Jarle Veldman's prototype pallet sofa was a refreshing surprise. He created his Premium Bananas collection as a reaction to the abundance of existing products. By cleverly combining existing elements he changes the meaning of disposable objects. This confusion forces the viewer into thinking about the possible functions products can have.

Journal 005 3
Premium Bananas pallet sofa by Jarle Veldman

Hopefully these designs and talents will be recognised by manufacturers so that the showcased prototypes can become available for the consumer.

Dutch Design Week 2018 takes place from October 20 until 28.


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