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Making a case for baskets, the basket bag

Perhaps everyone is trying to hold on to those holiday vibes. Maybe they have been inspired by the local craftsmanship on their Greek or Spanish getaway. In any case, right now, it's all about the basket bag. We have selected 5 of the best to shop right now.

The craftsmanship that goes into the making of these bags, their natural look and the summery vibes they project. It is obvious why woven basket bags are in high demand at the moment. Of course, that means that the high street stores are picking up on this as well. The beauty of these woven bags however, is in the fact that they're hand crafted, made out of natural materials and yes, therefore contain small mistakes. That's part of their charm. The small(er) businesses we have selected all have in common that they strive for a sustainable, natural and simple lifestyle. While making their bags they think about the environment and the people that work for them. Surely that only contributes to the beauty of their products. Luckily, most of them have webshops with a lot more wonderful things, so check these out.

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1. Catzorange: a small family run studio based in Brooklyn, New York, that has just started their business. All their bags are handmade from natural materials. They form the shapes of the bags while making them. We especially love the circle totes, a very simple shape made out of natural cotton rope, perfect for minimalist fashion lovers.

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2. You've probably seen this one on your Instagram timeline: The iconic Ark bag in natural, by Cult Gaia. They believe sustainability and fair labour is an integral part of a carefully curated and timeless wardrobe. These bags are meant to last forever! What's more, this is probably the most affordable it-bag on the market right now. 

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3. Classic French-style market baskets made in Morocco from woven palm leaves for BasketBasket. They specialise in wholesale but you can also shop their website. They strive to work as environmentally friendly as possible, and suggest taking their baskets shopping like the French at the market, so you won't need a plastic bag (and look great while at it).

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4. Want something a little more polished looking? Then try the Moreau Bucket Bag from Staud Clothing. A tan leather bucket bag looking somewhat like a terracotta flower pot, caught in a net of natural cotton and finished with broad leather handles for a comfortable grip. 

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5. Another leather combo can be found at ST. AGNI. They turn their soft tone colour combinations and quality natural materials into bags, shoes and a clothing line. They make several variations of the traditional market bag, one of them with leather and rattan, including a practical internal pocket for your wallet. Their wilder looking knotted seagrass and raffia totes are beautiful as well.

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The gorgeous bags on the cover photo are by Valentina Hoyos. Unfortunately she does not have a webshop and I couldn't find a point of sales. Her bags are worth mentioning though. She only works with natural fibres like sisal, no chemicals are used. Her woven bags are the result of 30 years of experience and learning the craftsmanship of different cultures. While making the bags she closely works with those local communities and ensures fair wages.

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