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How to add a touch of pink to your home without it looking like Barbie's mansion

The colour pink comes in many variations, from soft pastels to bright neon fuchsia. And it seems that all shades have made an appearance in fashion and furniture trends the last few years. You'd think the hype would be over by now as Sketch in London started the trend for pink interiors in 2002. But in the Netherlands, pink restaurants are still being opened.

Take for example Amsterdam based sweets and coffee bar Sticky Fingers and the new Mama Kelly (to be opened in November). Apparently, for restaurants, pink is still a go-to shade. 

You might ask yourself if it is still cool to add some pink to your home. Well, just about. Interior trends follow each other slower than fashion trends though. And for a reason, you wouldn't want to change your entire interior every year. That's why The Style Paper prefers simple and timeless designs. However, even a blank canvas can use a little colour every now and then. A subtle, pastel pink shade might just be the little makeover you need.  

Afraid you will end up with a house that makes Barbie jealous (with your boyfriend threatening to move out)? Then take some inspiration from these interior designs that show pink can be both sweet and stylish:

The first picture shows how Interior design studio Design by Golden combines a Mediterranean pink with dark teal for a cool 70's vibe. Moscow based Crosby Studios prove that even Barbie pink can look crisp and modern by using strong shapes and contrasting black walls. For a more cosy look take example from Cote Maison. Paint rough materials like brick and unfinished wood in pastel and (another trend colour) forest green.

Try to create a balance between pastel pink and dark tones. Combine this with unfinished materials vs. sleek design and you create a whole new look. See, pink can be cool in the right setting.

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Convinced to take on your own home? Why not start with your kitchen. Pimp your IKEA kitchen (or Besta cabinets) with these pastel pink fronts from Another way is to coat a (section of) a wall in a soft pastel shade. Instead of paint, you can also try wallpaper. The Style Paper has designed a pink-hued wallpaper collection to brighten up any room! The wallpapers are based on Dutch design and the Dutch tradition of dining at 5:30 PM. Tradition versus modern design, with a quirky touch. A few rolls behind your dining table make a great backdrop for any dinner. 

Journal 004 8
Wallpaper design by The Style Paper, mock-up example of Skecth, London
Pink home accessories
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Not entirely convinced yet? Take it easy with a few well designed accessories:

  1. This nude pink linen tablecloth by Linge Particulier, can double as plaid (via Pantoufle)
  2. The pale pink powder coated steel magazine rack by Umbra Shift is a cool geometrical object (via Restored)
  3. Create some retro vibes with this pink set of trays (via Crowdyhouse)
  4. Simple and modern set of posters designed by Tom Pigeon (via Restored)
  5. Hay is always good for well designed accessories such as the rust pink Rhom trivet (via COS)
  6. Ceramic cups in neutral pink shades, Dutch design (via Lenneke Wispelwey)

More inspiration can be found on our Pinterest board. Take a look to see other colour combinations and pastel hued products.

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