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5:30 PM, a restaurant concept

Project Information
5:30 PM restaurant concept Wallpaper designs for various spaces Surface patterns designed by T.S.P.

5:30 PM, dinnertime. For traditional Dutch families that is, as they always eat their boiled potatoes around that time. Don't they? Anyway, it is a good starting point for a restaurant concept that serves traditional Dutch dishes. The assignment was to build on this concept for a new restaurant and its interior.

Dutch Design

Calling a restaurant 5:30 and serving Dutch food is almost a parody of family life. For it to work as a trendy hotspot however, the interior needed to look a bit more modern. That's why we looked at another Dutch tradition for inspiration: Dutch Design. All over the world our designers have an excellent reputation when it comes to well designed modern concepts with the addition of a bit of humor. Think of architect Rem Koolhaas or Design studios Job, Pot or Piet Hein Eek. A combination between the old and new.

Project 007 4C
Surface pattern based on Dutch skies
Project 007 6
Sky pattern wallpaper in a restaurant setting

For the various spaces a restaurant has, The Style Paper designed different wallpapers. A different pattern for each room, but in the same colour palette. It was important to match the wallpapers with the rest of the interior. They also had to be real eye catchers.

Project 007 5
Simplified sky pattern forming stripes
Project 007 3
A darker print suitable for the bar area

The colours we picked are modern and fresh, pastel pink combined with grey, green and even a touch of purple. The designs for the wallpapers were based on typically Dutch and old fashioned things such as folklore fabrics, checked tea towels and the Dutch skies (a favorite subject of the Dutch master painters of the Golden Age).

Project 007 1B
Fading wave pattern from pastel pink to silvery blue
Project 007 2B
A deconstructed check wallpaper pattern

Checks or block patterns are usually straight but to give these a modern twist, we have literally twisted them or reshaped them otherwise. This creates an almost hypnotic effect sometimes. However, as wallpaper designs are usually bigger than those for clothing, and seen from a distance, this will not disturb the diners.

Because the beautiful interior of Sketch in London matches our wallpaper designs so well, we have used this to create some mock ups. This way we can give you an impression of how the wallpapers will look in an actual restaurant setting.

Project 007 4B
Cut-off lines creating an abstract checked pattern

We can also imagine you'd like such an original wall in your own home, perhaps even in the kitchen. Feel free to contact us for more information (see below)!

Project 007 7
A mosaic tile pattern shaped after traditional Dutch clothing

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