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DIY upgrade your toilet with wallpaper

Project information
Toilet restyling Wallpaper design and styling by T.S.P.

The toilet is often a forgotten corner of the house, out of sight, out of mind right? Still, it's fun to do something creative with such a small space. It updates your living space and does not require a full renovation. And because it's a hidden space you can go all out and make something fun of it. Start with a colourful wallpaper!

The Style Paper designs surface patterns. Some of these have been made available on the website Motiflow. A platform where you can order surface pattern designs by independent designers, on fabric, giftwrap and wallpaper. The Style Paper's profile can be found here. Take a look to see all the possibilities. Choose a design and colour combo you like to personalise your small space.

Now, let's get to work!

Despite being tiny, this toilet proved to be an awkward space. All the walls are different in size and slanted. Measuring is very important. What's nice about Motiflow is that you cannot only order a roll but also a smaller amount if you need less. Do keep in mind however to order a little extra material, something might go wrong while cutting. Also, if you have a repeat continuous pattern, you need extra paper.

Because in this case all the walls are slanted and have corners, it was impossible to continue a pattern over the entire wall. Therefore The Style Paper chose a randomly dotted pattern. This way, it's not necessary to match the strokes. The soft green is a current trend colour and does not make the room look smaller. 

  • Taking correct measurements is important. To be sure, calculate some extra length per stroke, about 20cm. A standard wallpaper width is 53cm. 
  • Now the fun part, order a design of your choice through Motiflow.
  • Cut all the wallpaper to size and stick it on your walls!
The end result

We love the end result! A fresh, green dotted wallpaper contrasting beautifully with the natural oak and industrial subway tiles. We found mirror Ruban from HAY with a yellow band around it that matches with the pattern. Unfortunately you cannot see the back as its oak as well.

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