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Surface pattern design collection for children based on vegetables

Project information
Surface pattern designs children's fashion For: children age 4 to 6, gender neutral Concept and surface pattern design by The Style Paper

Eat your veggies!

The Style Paper created a series of colourful surface pattern designs for children’s clothing, based on vegetables. Not a popular subject with the kids, but they surely would not say no to these fun prints! And who knows, perhaps they will eat their veggies next time.

Project 003 9
concept development and mockups

For this children's collection, The Style Paper wanted the designs to be colourful and fun, but not childish. It was important to make the patterns attractive to botch children and adults. The kids have to want to wear them and their parents have to want to buy them (and perhaps wear them as well!).

A surface pattern collection always starts with a concept and moodboard. This contains inspirational images, a certain style and colour samples. Everything needs to match in order to design a nice collection of surface patterns.

Design process

The Style Paper designs all patterns by hand. Usually a pattern starts as a sketch on paper or as a handmade stamp which is then digitally put into a repeat pattern. For this children's collection based on vegetables, both techniques were used. The brussels sprouts, mushrooms, asparagus and onions are stamps and the rest were based on pencil illustrations.

The resulting surface patterns are suitable for both boys and girls but would also look great on men’s swimming shorts or a t-shirt!

Project 003 5
Beans or candy?
Project 003 3
Carrots are good for the eyes
Project 003 7
Happy broccoli

Interested in licensing these designs? Or would you like to have a unique pattern collection for your product? Please contact The Style Paper for all possibilities!

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