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30.03.2018 Three IKEA interior collections worth checking

Update: now available! - (Dutch) Design lover, animal lover or yoga master? This April, IKEA launches new collections for all of you. Starting next week, check out your local store or their website to shop some new spring furniture.

16.03.2018 Location: Norway's Fjords

The sea slices through the earth for kilometers, passing steep rocky cliffs, there is no-one to be seen. Quiet, space and nature. That's why you visit Norway. To have a moment for yourself but face a challenge at the same time. Hour long hikes take you past a diverse landscape, changing as you climb higher, each stop more impressive than the previous. The view from the top is the ultimate reward.

28.01.2018 5 museum worthy design chairs

The nice thing about chairs is that they do not take up too much space, you can buy one piece (which is usually cheaper than a sofa) and if you choose well, you have a striking design object in your home that doubles as a piece of furniture. Here are 5 prime examples which are easily mistaken for modern art.

14.12.2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time of gift giving. Of course you want to spoil your loved ones with a unique and thoughtful present they will cherish. The Style Paper offers some suggestions: sleek Scandinavian style presents for the design lover, unique botanical finds for that greenery freak and some quirky items for the creative one.

17.11.2017 Dutch Design Week Favourites

During the annual Dutch Design Week, the whole city of Eindhoven breathes design: Dutch Design. Both upcoming and well known Dutch designers showcase their latest work. Larger organisations present their latest product innovations and there are classes and workshops that visitors can attend. A design lover's dream.

03.11.2017 Trend: pastel pink

The colour pink comes in many variations, from soft pastels to bright neon fuchsia. And it seems that all shades have made an appearance in fashion and furniture trends the last few years. You'd think the hype would be over by now as Sketch in London started the trend for pink interiors in 2002. But in the Netherlands, pink restaurants are still being opened.

22.09.2017 Making a case for baskets

Perhaps everyone is trying to hold on to those holiday vibes. Maybe they have been inspired by the local craftsmanship on their Greek or Spanish getaway. In any case, right now, it's all about the basket bag. We have selected 5 of the best to shop right now.

08.09.2017 Location: China's Great Wall

Endless stacks of stones lining the green hills. Tracing over mountains, snaking across the Chinese countryside as far as the eye can see. The Great Wall of China is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken. Once a monumental defensive network, now a tourist magnet, but still awe inspiring.

04.08.2017 Trend: Botanical

There's no need to get rid of that Monstera just yet. The Botanical trend is still going strong when it comes to your home. Even better: the more green the more fun! Don't be afraid to overdo it. But, please ditch the pineapples.


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